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Manga 101 – A How To Draw Manga App For On The Go

Andrew Lee Feb 25, 2012 0
5 out of 5 Rating

While I was a young kid and growing up, I was really into Mobile Suit Gundam.  No, I’m not really kidding about this because as a 14 year old kid, I was putting my own 1/144 & 1/100 model kits together, and I would love to draw the stuff I watched also.  Besides watching Gundam, I watched a bit of Guyver, Record of Lodoss War, the original Bubble Gum Crisis 2032, and pulled ideas from games like Final Fantasy II which was IV in Japan.


This carried over through out middle school and into high school, and ironically,  I remembered when my cousin who inspired me as a kid to get into drawing gave me this very book that you see above during my junior year in High School.  Now, you could also probably imagine that I had a lot of those books also on top of my regular school stuff which was very true also since I pretty much did my drawing all the time, even during class which got me into a lot of trouble.  Up till now, I have about roughly about 20+ or so books on the various topics that you can think of, ranging from how to make different types of characters based on their personalities to how do render how a dress sits on what kind of figure and so forth.



Realistically, that’s a lot of books to carry around, and especially with me carrying my laptop around, its like I’m a human camel and that makes me look like a hunchback with all those books.  But thankfully, the very same publishers behind the “How To Draw Manga” series, have their own app called: “Manga University 101: How to Draw Manga“.  This app is available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Kindle, Nook, & Kobo and ITS FREE!  Now because this app has most of the basic techniques for drawing manga, this won’t make you an Anime/Manga sensation overnight.  The cool thing that I liked about this app is the fact that not only does the tutorials have examples for beginners and veterans alike to see, but they do a very good job of explaining how you want to go about doing hair this way or leaving a highlight this way so it looks more realistic and 3d.  On top of the tutorials,  it also includes a link to the manga university bookstore where you can purchase other eBooks which includes the iBookstore links, various YouTube videos about Japan, and news and articles from their Tokyo Campus Blog.  Anyone who has a love for drawing, who would like to learn, or knows someone who is into anime or loves to draw, this is a must for them.


Via »How To Draw Manga.Com