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Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Pack Review (XBox 360/Ps3)

Sean W. Dec 20, 2011 1

Zen Studios have expanded their popular Marvel Pinball with another download pack adding four more tables to the six that are already available.  This new pack sells for $10 on Xbox Live and the PlayStation network and is available now.

The features within Marvel Pinball have not changed in this update.  All the features, great ball physics and score chase features are still present in this expansion pack and I go into more detail on them on the Marvel Pinball review here.  The four tables they’ve added to the collection are Ghost Rider, X-Men, Moon Knight and Thor.  What Zen Studios have done in this latest set of pinball tables is keeping them full features with a lot of ramps and mini-games that makes each table completely unique.


The Thor table features the Norse god of Thunder battling a group of his usual enemies Loki and Ymir.   The Thor table is a high scoring table that featuring a lot of features including multiple multi-ball modes, achievable ball saves  and a nice metal sound track.  Thor stand at the bottom left part of the screen and will jump across the table to do battle with his enemies.  Other than the skill shot, this table feature no cheap drain-outs and overall, this table is very fun.


Moon Knight

The least popular character in the collection might have the funnest and most interesting table in the collection.   It has a hidden ramp that crosses across the table and lands the ball in the moon, which sometimes will prompt a mini-game.  It also has a mini-game featuring the Whirlybird, a Batwing similar craft that drops balls on to the table at different positions as you try to shoot into one of 3 ramps for jackpots.   Though this game is has a lot of modes and eye candy, it isn’t as high scoring as the other tables.   This is a fast table with a lot of possible shot.

Moon Knight Table

Ghost Rider

Because Ghost Rider rides a motorcycle, this table is like a motocross in hell.  The devil sits at the middle of the table taunting Ghost Rider and calling him names.  The multi-ball mode on this table has to be the absolutely easiest  to start.  After locking the ball with a simple hit, a multi-ball light pops up near the right flipper and hitting it starts the game.  The most interesting game on this table is one where the devil holds the ball in the middle of the play field to shoot it right down the middle.  You decide whether or not you want thousands of points or millions of points as a reward for stopping the ball from draining.   If you pick the thousands, then you get a ball save, if you pick the millions, there’s no ball save as your you’re gambling with your ball.  If you miss the shot, the devil calls you “Johnny Butterfingers”.   This is hard to do.



This table will give goosebumps to those who love the X-Men comic or older cartoons.  Magneto hovers in the middle of the playfield  moving objects around and calling out Xavier who sits at the bottom of the table.  There are a lot of ramps on this table and, like the Iron Man table, hitting each ramp multiple times will start different game modes.  Unlike the Iron Man table, it doesn’t take 12 shots to start a mode, just 3, and that makes this table fun and exciting to play.   The also features the voices of X-Men like Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm and more that gives this table a good classic “X-Men” vibe.



This table is a must for those who own Marvel Pinball.  Zen Studio’s have done a great job on this collection of tables as they continue to become better, more fun and less cheap.  If you like Marvel Pinball, this is the pack to pick up.

Rating: ★★★★★