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Review: Musubo Cases for the Galaxy S III

Sean W. Aug 28, 2012 1
4 out of 5 Rating

Musubo makes cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S and the Galaxy S3. The cases were meant to be form fitting and good protection for the phones as well as being stylish.  For Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Musubo has three different models: RubberBand, Mummy and Retro.  Each of the cases come in a variety of colors including different shades of blues, greens, purples among other unique colors.

Musubo Cases 09

All the cases are form fitting to the phone and fit snug on Galaxy S IIIs. There are holes for the camera, flash and speaker on the back that do not block their use.  All the ports and the microphones are perfectly accessible so there is no need to worry about connections fitting.  This includes the 1/8 inch headphone port as using third party cables fit without being blocked by the case.  The volume and power buttons are accessible with bumpers on the side and, for all the cases, works without problem.  All the cases add a good amount of protection for the phones and also do a great job of hiding the original color of the phone.  None of the cases features any type of screen protection but all of the cases wrap over the front edges of the screen to prevent the screen from hitting the ground face on.

Though all the cases, fit the same on all the phones, the three cases all feel completely different.  The Mummy seems to be the most traditional of the cases when it comes to feel.  It feels the lightest of the group and has the simplest of the designs.  RubberBand is the busiest feeling case of the group.  The bumpers are these bands that stick out slightly more than the others on the sides of the case.  There is also a small hoop for clipping onto a small chain that is not found on the other cases.  The Retro case is modeled after a vintage microphone.  This case is two pieces, a silicon interior jacket that rests around the phone and a hard plastic glossy mold that snaps on the back.  This case felt like it delivered the best protection for the phone without feeling more bulky than the other models Musubo makes.

All three cases come with a free video stand for holding the phone in about a 85 degree angle.  It’s a plastic stand that holds the phone decently but doesn’t sit well when a phone is not in the cradle.  It can be a nice portable emergency stand but I wouldn’t recommend its use beyond that.

The Musubo cases are good cases that protect the phone pretty well and go beyond a bland look while still maintaining some style.  The bumpers press the volume and power buttons without problem but they do stick out a bit more on the RubberBand model which may trigger more accidental presses.  All the ports are accessible and the camera, flash, microphones and speakers can be used without problem.  These are good stylish cases that Galaxy S III owners who are looking for something unique should consider.

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