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MyCharge Voyage1000 Review

Andrew Lee Aug 14, 2012 0
3.5 out of 5 Rating

The Voyage1000 by MyCharge is a rechargable power bank accessory for any mobile device which includes Android, Blackberry, and more. By design, the Voyage1000 uses a micro USB port to charge any mobile device while it is able to recharge by a normal USB port, both of which are integrated into the Voyage1000. If either port is engaged and pluged into a device, a chime will sound from the Voyage1000. In addition to the chime, a light indicator shows the approximate power level of the Voyage1000. For something as versitile as this, the Voyage1000 is no bigger than coaster with 1000mAh worth of power inside.

The MyCharge Voyage1000’s strength seems to be the fact that it is a small device that can be easily transported where ever the user goes and put into use if they need their mobile device charged up. With the amount of power that this unit carries, it is understandable that it possibly isn’t intended to fully charge a device, but rather keep a mobile device powered up long enough to get the job done and get to a solid power source. According to the MyCharge website, the MyCharge Voyage 1000 will add 112 hours of standby time, 4 hours of talk time, 22 hours of listening to music, 5 hours of additional wi-fi time, and 6 hours of additional video time.  The downside is that this device only recharges itself through a USB port, which in itself would either require a computer or a plug adapter with a USB port.

The Voyage1000 by MyCharge is a little neat accessory which gives the consumer the flexibility of using their mobile devices without worrying about running out of power. By being small and mobile, the device is small enough to not take up space for any other necesesities that one may bring.  Retailing for $39.99 may seem a little much for something that simply charges your mobile device with consideration to the amount of power it carries, however, if you are looking for something small and easy to carry, this might be device for you.