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NuTouch Gloves Accessory Review (Video)

Tony Hannides Aug 26, 2012 0
3 out of 5 Rating

We’ve tested out cases, folios, stands, screen protectors and styli for phones and tablets, but the NuTouch Gloves are a first. Essentially, this product will solve the age old question, “How do I use my phone in cold weather?” If you’ve tried to use your mobile device’s touchscreen with cold fingers, it doesn’t work. Furthermore, it won’t work when you’re wearing regular gloves. The NuTouch Gloves from Newer Technology use a similar technology to styli but instead of one point of contact, there’s ten.

Installation and Setup

There’s none; just make sure you’re wearing the correct side on your hands. The right glove has the Newer Technology logo sewn in.

Ease of Use

First of all, these NuTouch Gloves work on all capacitive screens from phones to tablets to GPS devices. However, using gloves while going about my standard routine with my phone and tablet is a completely different feeling. Even though the screen responds very quickly and effortlessly to touch, it doesn’t really feel like my fingers are in control. The touch of the glass on the fingers is a familiar sensation; the gloves take that away. However, it is something you get used to very quickly. I decided to experiment with a few tests: typing, drawing and gaming.

Once you’ve gotten past the new sensation of manipulating the screen without direct contact to your fingertip, everything goes back to normal. Well, almost. Typing on the tablet was pretty easy. The device’s keyboard keys were large enough so the extra capacitive fabric of the glove that wasn’t completely molded to my finger didn’t graze another key. But typing on a phone’s keyboard was a tad different. Plus, because of the glove, the fabric did cover parts of the keyboard that I would have like to see. I made a number of typing errors I wouldn’t have made without a glove.

Drawing with the gloves were a lot of fun. Because the gloves don’t have any grip, I was gliding around the screen like I was really finger painting. But wearing the gloves when you need to draw precisely is very difficult. You have to have complete control of not only your finger but also the glove’s fabric.

Using the gloves while gaming was a very different experience. Some games like racing or fighting didn’t really matter whether I had gloves on or not. However, the gloves proved to be a helpful tool when I was playing Temple Run, Agent Dash, Infinity Blade and even Angry Birds. The swiping motion I used to turn, slash and cut became very simple to do. My finger would glide across the screen, making my moves quicker and hence, a higher score. In the video below, I test out the game Field Goal by PikPok; kicking that football between the field goal hasn’t been easier since.

So overall, there are times when using the gloves would be very useful like dialing a number or scrolling through a contact list. There are even non conventional applications like gaming, where the gloves can be used to help out. One big issue I had with the gloves was that they were too thin. If you’re expecting the gloves to actually keep your fingers warm, they probably won’t; but you can dial out. I guess you just have to pick your battles. Cold fingers or usable phone/tablet.

Video Demo


There are a few everyday situations where the gloves might come in handy. You can use the gloves to touch the screen at an ATM outside in 10 below weather. Scanning your apps in the cold to see when the next bus is coming or what the weather is like in Cabo. But I thought there are also professional reasons to use these gloves. For example, if a football coach is using a touch screen device to show the team the next play, the gloves would allow him/her to do just that. If a construction worker is outside working in the snow and they need to call someone, the gloves could aid them in completing that call. But what the gloves won’t do is keep you warm. Solution: bring both sets of gloves. Their website says you can use the gloves as a liner inside heavier gloves; this wasn’t the case for me. You’ll just have to take off the normal gloves when you want to use your touchscreen.

The NuTouch Gloves come in 4 sizes (small to xlarge) but only one color. Would I recommend these gloves? Maybe. Not to everyone because everyone doesn’t need them. Up until now, people have been fine using either a stylus or warming up their hands with their breath or a hand warmer. But if your job takes you outside with the need to have access to your phone or tablet and you keep losing your stylus, this might be a good secondary solution for you. They can be purchased here.