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HTC Radar Review (T-Mobile)

Tony Hannides Nov 30, 2011 0


We had a chance to mess around with a device that’s supported by T-Mobile recently called the HTC Radar. No it’s not another Android, it’s Rad’s favourite: WP7.5. This Mango phone is a really nice product. I was a little hesitant since I’ve pretty much moved over to Android and iOS but I felt I had to give this phone it’s day in the sun. First of all, it’s a nicely weighted device. Some phones feel like heavy rocks that would weigh down your pocket or purse…or satchel. Not the Radar. At only 135 grams it feels great in the hand. The size is a little smaller than my normal device preferences but it’s got a pretty nice S LCD screen at 3.8″ diagonally. The buttons are perfectly placed to use your thumb and index finger so you might say this could be a “one-handed” phone. One plus is the physical camera button.

I decided that the best way to test this phone was to use it as my own. I had all my emails, calls and text messages routed to the device and used it like I would use my phone on a normal off work day. Normally, I would have to charge my phone due to streaming YouTube or Slacker Radio. Short of being magical, the battery lasted the whole day and I was very pleased. During the day trial, I attempted at some impromptu photographs using the physical camera button. With one click (after the phone’s unlocked), the camera promptly appears and you can take your photo almost instantly.

Before I start to ramble on, how about you take a look at this video we shot:


So there you have it. It’s free online for T-Mobile so it’s a great holiday gift. Sure the marketplace only has 40,000 apps but what apps do you really need? Like I said, the phone has most of the “extra” stuff built into Mango! I do wish the phone was 4G HSPA+ but as long as you’re on WiFi you can do video chat with no problems. Head over to your local T-Mobile store and see for yourself!