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Pure One Flow Internet Radio Review

Radford C. Apr 19, 2012 0
4 out of 5 Rating

The Pure ONE Flow Internet Radio sounds exactly what you’re getting but let’s get a little bit into the details here. It’s a portable digital, internet and FM radio aimed at the more budget centric music listener. It also features two alarms, a sleep timer, a kitchen timer and an aux-jack for stuff like your iPod or MP3 player as well as the obligatory headphone socket for good measure. The guys behind Pure ONE do recommend that you get the ChargePAK E1 rechargeable battery pack for on-the-go portability. We heard about the unit at the CES Unveiled press junket where Pure was unloading an arsenal of their other radios at display and although we didn’t get a chance to goof around with this particular unit at the show floor, the guys at Pure were gracious enough to send us one to toy around with. Before we begin, let’s open this thing.



The unit appears humbling and almost deceptively simple in appearance. From the matte grey satin-like colors, speaker grill and angled antenna, (for all intents and purposes) it looks exactly what you’d expect to see from a product that has the word “radio” in its descriptions. It almost feels like the designers could have done more to spruce things up but decided to go towards a more simple route.

The knobs and buttons feel like high quality pieces. Good thing because for a device like this, that’s all you’re going to be messing around with to navigate through more than 19,000 different Internet radio stations. And if that isn’t enough, you got 8,000 different on-demand recordings, and 140 different ambient sound recordings.

Pure Lounge

The Lounge by Pure

Purveyors of Tune-In Radio and iHeartRadio apps on smartphones will be glad to know that Pure ONE’s 19,000 radio stations go across both those platforms. Anyone thinking of dropping a few bills on this radio can take a look at the full list of radio stations at the Pure Lounge.  For listeners in the United States, there are a little more than 5100 radio choices that range from Comedy Clubs to Metal. It’s too bad the search feature built into the radio can be slow to navigate but that’s what The Lounge is for. The Pure ONE Flow can also tune into any local FM radio stations through its 30-inch telescoping antenna while locking them down to as many as 30 digital radio presets and 10 for FM.

Unfortunately, ONE Flow does not support services like Pandora, Slacker, or any other commonly-used streaming audio services. Nor could you expect to see all your favorite local radio stations on here. Despite that, there are still thousands of choices and you can always plug in your smartphone or iPod to the tune into streaming music services but that kind of defeats the point.

The Lounge can sync favorite stations with the ONE Flow. By registering your radio, you can go to The Lounge and choose various live radio, on-demand audio services, and Pure’s Pure Sounds ambient noise library stations and put them in different favorites folders. Those folders appear automatically on the ONE Flow and navigating to them is a breeze.

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