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Review: BabyPing Secure WiFi Video Baby Monitor

By Tony Hannides On Sep 29, 2012 1
4.5 out of 5 Rating

As a father of a 3 month old baby, I try to cherish every waking moment possible. I never thought about investing in a baby monitor because I thought she would be in my line of sight at all times. However, the BabyPing Video Monitor is more than just your “run of the mill” baby monitor. With the easy to use iOS app and simple hardware setup, I was up and running within minutes. It not only transmits video but also audio as well. Let’s dive a little deeper and check out the BabyPing Secure WiFi Video Baby Monitor.


Because the BabyPing video monitor runs off WiFi, you need to physically connect the monitor to your router via a Cat5e cable (included). Once you do that, it’s 6 easy steps, a quick tutorial and then you’re ready to use the BabyPing Video Monitor.

If you do not have a WiFi router, there is an option to connect the video monitor hardwired with a Cat5e cable instead. Some people might feel more comfortable doing this since it is a live video feed of your child. BabyPing does promise a double encryption of security which can be set up through the iOS app.

Hardware Features


The monitor is a small square that only weighs about 150 grams. On the front, you’ve got the microphone, 30 infrared LEDs to light up the room with “invisible light,” a light sensor that switches the video mode between night vision and normal vision, the camera lens and a status LED. The camera itself is a 310,000 pixel camera with a 1/4″ CMOS lens. While it’s only 30 fps and a 640 x 480 resolution, the quality of the video and photographs are pretty clear.

As for the rear of the monitor, it has the mount bracket, ethernet jack and power. The monitor’s mount can be screwed in for “permanent” installation but it’s actually weighted pretty well that if you find a good angle, you don’t need to screw it in and it won’t fall over.

Once you’ve positioned it properly and have it connected to the WiFi network through the iOS app, using the app is simple.

Ease of Use

Using the BabyPing app is super simple. Once you’re passed the set up process, everything else is almost self explanatory. Just as a reminder, the iOS app works on any iDevice that’s iOS 4 or newer; I’m using it with my New iPad. As a security measure, the BabyPing Video Monitor only works if you’re using the same WiFi network that the monitor is setup with. This means, if you take the monitor with you to someone else’s house, you’ll have to ask permission to use their WiFi network to setup the monitor. Once you’re all connected, you start seeing a live video and audio feed. The quality, as mentioned before, isn’t HD but for the purpose of making sure your child’s ok, it certainly does the job. There is some pixelation but that’s something you get over pretty quickly.

Screenshot of BabyPing iPad App

 Photo Taken With the BabyPing iPad App

The audio that’s picked up is also pretty clear but I did notice that it wasn’t constant. There were times where the video continued to play but audio just stopped for no apparent reason. Then I realized that the app’s “Smart Filter” knows to only pick up the baby. If you turn it off, you’ll hear all the background noise like talking, the TV and even the dog. The volume setting is connected to the iDevice’s setting so if you’re muted, so it the app’s volume. You do, however, have an option to just do audio and shut off the video. Also if you were wondering what night time shots look like, here they are:

Screenshot of BabyPing iPad App

 Photo Taken With the BabyPing iPad App

Even once you’ve exited out of the app, until you end the app’s transmission, it will continue to run in the background. And one of the best features of this app and product is the notification mode. If you’re on a phone call, playing a game or using an app that has sound, the BabyPing app will stop audio but in the even that your baby cries, you’ll get a pop up notification.

It won’t, however, tell you whether you need to change, feed or rock/dance with the baby. That’s on you. But another feature that’s handy is you can view one monitor on 2 iOS devices simultaneously. They don’t recommend any more than 2 but it does work pretty well.

babyping notifications


In this day in age, having a baby monitor is a huge benefit because now even when you put the baby down to sleep, you can be in a different room while still watching over them. The BabyPing Video Monitor works very well. The video quality is decent but the audio quality is fairly clear. I’m not quite sure how the app/monitor knows to send the notification when the baby cries but it works pretty well too.

The setup was super easy so even if you’re not a techie, as long as you follow the instructions, you’re good to go. The hardware is also very easy to put together. Personally, I didn’t screw in the mount but it looks as straight forward as mounting a painting on the wall; just find the stud.

There are many baby monitors available in the market, but only the BabyPing has a good video/audio app for iOS (no other mobile OS right now) and a solid hardware product. I was impressed with the LED lights that create the “invisible night vision” so you can still see the baby without a bright like on his/her face. I would recommend this product to parents, especially if you’re on your iPad or iPhone a lot. You can buy one from their official website here for $249.99.


  • linda Strobel

    Where can I find the instructions to hard wire the monitor to my computer instead of doing wireless?
    Thank you