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Review: Case Genius Pro for iPad by ZooGue

By Tony Hannides On Sep 21, 2012 1
4.5 out of 5 Rating

This ZooGue Case Genius Pro is one of the most intricate and extensive folio I’ve used for the iPad. While it can be used just as a standard folio, it has the ability to be used a handstrap, keyboard stand and even a mount for a headrest. It’s almost like a “Swiss Army Knife”-style folio. It may look strange with the Velcro straps and the Velcro strips, but it works wonders. I’ve been using it for the past week now and although it took me a day to get used to, I can see the product becoming very popular.

Product Demo Video

Features and Points of Interest

One thing that’s a little confusing is the name of the folio. It is a folio but I guess a “case” is just the same. As I mentioned in the video, it is 100% genuine leather all the way around. The stitching is professional grade and doesn’t seem to be unraveled easily like cheaper folios have done in the past. All the ports, plugs and toggle switches are easily accessible, as the cut outs in the folio leave plenty of room. Even the camera on the back has full view and isn’t cut off by the circular cut out. Also, the front cover has small magnets so it will act as a Smart Cover and put the iPad into dormat/sleep mode while the cover is shut. You don’t have to manually turn it off every time.

There are two features on the folio that are very interesting; features I haven’t seen in any other iPad folio before.

If you’ve used a folio for a tablet before, you’re probably familiar with the small flap that you tuck behind the left side of the tablet to keep it in place. Yes, this folio has that as well but in addition to the flap, there’s Velcro (and yes I know Velcro is the brand and not the product). This is some added protection that I’ve never seen before in folios and it truly offers some peace of mind. Sure, it’s subconscious, but you know, the iPad is never going to accidentally fall out.

But that’s not all, there’s an additional feature that the folio offers but honestly, I haven’t heard any improvement.

According to the packaging and the website, the Case Genius Pro offers speaker enhancement. In fact, on the back of the packaging, that’s the first key feature that’s listed. This tells me that the sound improvement is noticeable and worth mentioning. I tried listening to music and our LTG podcasts with and without the folio and believe me, I truly could not hear the different. What is “enhancement?” The only change I noticed was the sound bounced off the back plate of the folio and was redirected towards me. If that’s the enhancement they’re speaking of, then yes, it works. But for some reason, I expected more; actual bass and treble enhancement with the iPad’s sound. But there was none to be heard.

The Bread & Butter

The folio can be propped up at almost any angle. Yes, I mean from completely flat to 90 degrees, the iPad can stand. How you ask? On the front cover of the folio are two Velcro strips. Now they’re the soft half of the Velcro so it won’t be rough against your skin. These two strips might look strange but they have a higher purpose. They are the tracks to which the folio’s stand adheres to in order to secure the stand.

As an added bonus, there’s a 2 piece strap that can be used for 3 different purposes.

  • A hand strap to secure the folio while holding it
  • A front security strap to keep the front from opening up
  • A headrest strap
Using it as a hand strap is very cumbersome. The strap can be adjusted to your hand but even at its tightest, the folio doesn’t feel any more secure that it would without the hand strap. Conversely, the front security strap is very handy; especially if you’ve got the iPad in your bag and you want to be sure it doesn’t open up. Finally, the headrest strap does work (sorry no test photos) except I’m concerned that over time, the Velcro won’t be as strong and might not hold the folio in place while using it in a vehicle.
Truthfully, I could do without the strap all together but since it’s there, I tend to use it as a front secure strap.


Would I buy this folio? You bet your ass I would. Sure, it’s not as pleasing to the eye as a standard silicon cover or Smart Cover might look, but without added too much bulk like a Ballistic case or Otterbox, the iPad ain’t going nowhere and most likely, isn’t going to break. Like I mentioned in the video, I did a drop test on linoleum with the folio on my iPad. Yes it was a huge risk but for the purpose of this review, I felt you, the reader, should know your money’s going to something that’s worth every penny.

I’ve tested out folios that accomplish one need at a time. For example, the Acase F1 was a brillant and sleeky folio but it only offered 2 functions (other than protection): a keyboard stand and a movie stand. The Case Genius Pro by ZooGue offers so much more.

The only concern I have is how long does the Velcro last? That simple yet effective technology doesn’t keep its grip forever. In order to test that out, I will keep the folio on my iPad for at least the next month or two. I will update this article with my findings but until then, I give this folio 2 thumbs up. But since we don’t use the thumbs up system here at LTG, it receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. It loses 1/2 a star because of the aesthetics and a few features that don’t seem to matter all that much; namely the speaker enhancement.


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