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Review: Lavish Earth iPad Folio from Cygnett

By Tony Hannides On Oct 12, 2012 1
3 out of 5 Rating

The Lavish Earth iPad Folio from Cygnett is a very nice looking folio. Considering the last folio I reviewed was covered in Velcro, it was nice to see one that have a nice visual aspect to it. Both the Zoogue folio and this Cygnett folio have similar functionality other than obviously protection the iPad. They one major similarity is the ability to offer different viewing angles. The Zoogue folio let you set your own angle. The Cygnett folio only gives you 3 angles. Let’s see what else the Lavish Earth folio gives you.

 Product Demo Video

Features and Points of Interest

The Lavish Earth folio comes in two colors: Sandstone (pictured here) and purple. It works with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad; we’re testing it on the New iPad. It is made up of 100% leather that has a cushy texture but still feels quite sturdy. It also has a magnet so it can act as a Smart Cover to automatically turn the iPad on and off. The back of the folio seems to be a little thicker in order to withstand holding the iPad in place and for extra protection on the back. With the folio closed, you can still see and use all of the iPad’s plugs and ports (charger, speaker and headphone). As for the camera, it has no obstructed view so rest assured, you can shoot your video and pictures with no problem; except when you flip the front cover to the rear.

The iPad sits inside in the standard folio slot. The screen, front camera and home button are easily accessible and the folio’s protective border fits perfectly. To make sure the iPad doesn’t slip out,

it’s held in by one small strip of Velcro. One concern that I had was the border is very thin and can flip up easily accidentally and expose the iPad’s cover; this can lead to scratching.

Bread and Butter

Unlike the ZooGue folio, the Lavish Earth folio only offers 3 different viewing angles.  Also, to set the angle, the front cover does not flip to the back for the iPad to lean on; instead the iPad folds forward and secures itself in one of the three props.

The first angle is perfect for view video or a photo slideshow for a business presentation. The 2nd angle is good for web browsing or viewing media while sitting down and placing the iPad in your lap. Finally, the 3rd angle is a keyboard angle. If you’re planning on writing on your iPad, the 3rd angle is perfect for typing. Even if you tap hard on the screen, the iPad securely set in the prop so it won’t come undone easily.

The biggest issue I had with this folio was how the iPad folded outward to prop itself. Sure it was stable but the outward fold is a little flimsy. Plus when you want to flip the front cover to the back, the fold gets in the way so it becomes cumbersome and a tad annoying.


Visually, the Lavish Earth looks great. Unlike the standard black folios we’ve seen before, this sandstone color is unique and stands out above the others. All of the iPad important buttons and ports are easily accessible and it can be propped up into 3 different angles. Where the folio starts to lose out is the design of how it stays in place for the angles. I’d like to see more than just 3 angles but more importantly, the extra fold that’s needed to accomplish the angles gets in the way too much. And I’m afraid that the thin border protecting the iPad is too thin and could fold up and get the iPad scratched. In the end, I would only recommend this folio for someone who is careful with their iPad and doesn’t feel the need to flip the front cover to the back too often. I was hoping to keep using this folio as my everyday folio but I’m going back to the Zoogue folio. However, if you feel this folio is more to your liking, you can purchase one here.

Folio and iPad

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