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Review of The Seidio Expert Folio for iPad 2 and 3rd Gen

Tony Hannides Jun 13, 2012 0
2.5 out of 5 Rating

We’ve seen our fair share of different cases, folios and covers for the iPad; as different as they are, each of them have one thing in common: they add a good amount of bulk. The Seidio Expert folio is great for someone looking for a minimal case for their iPad. I had the chance to use it with my 3rd Gen iPad for the past week and I’m excited to share my findings. Let’s take a look.


Actually the packaging it came in is not meant for retail. Even so, it was super easy to unpack and use right away. Seidio offers 4 different colors but I got the Ebony version.

Setting Up

Unlike other folios, there’s no snaps, no corner bands to secure or ends to fasten. Your iPad will simply lay on top of a sticky pad using Clean Grip technology. This pad is so sticky, you have to pry the iPad off it with a good amount of force to remove it from the folio. The other thing you have to keep in my is the camera on the other side. As you’ll see in the video, the best way to apply the folio to your iPad is by looking at it from the back; otherwise you’ll probably cover the camera. But once you’re happy with the placement of the iPad, you’re all set. The front cover can be used as a Smart Cover with the auto-lock feature. Plus, you can roll it up and use it as a stand for viewing your iPad in landscape mode.


Made from eco-friendly material, this is a nice thin but grippy case. The Expert is a perfect folio meant for the board room but not for everyday use. It doesn’t give as much protection as a folio like the Griffin IntelliCase but it does keep the whole “minimalist design philosophy” that Apple was going for with the Smart Cover. But this is better than a Smart Cover in that it does protect the back of your iPad. The biggest issue I have is the magnet is so strong, when you open the front flap and fold it to the back, it can still shut off the screen.


I’m a big fan of everything with this folio EXCEPT for the magnet shutting off the screen from the back. I have seen other cases do this in the past and I was hoping since the iPad 3rd Gen is a little thicker, it wouldn’t have this issue. For $54.95, I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t recommend this. It becomes a huge nuisance when the screen shuts off every time you have the front cover flipped over to the back. That was a deal breaker.