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Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint Review (Video)

Tony Hannides Jun 30, 2012 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating

The Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely one of Samsung’s flagship devices of 2012. It had a huge announcement, it sold out in pre-orders and is finally coming to Sprint on July 1st. We got a chance to check out the 16GB model a week before launch. While a major limitation of this phone is network related, we really enjoyed reviewing this phone. We looked at the OS, the hardware and some of the special capabilities that only the Galaxy S III possess.


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Ease of Use

The Galaxy S III is an impressive device. With a 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD screen, 2100 mAH battery, Android 4.0.4, super sleek body, an awesome 8MP rear shooter and NFC, it is a head turner. The phone comes in 2 different colors and 2 different memory capacities but we got the 16GB in Marble White for Sprint. Setting the phone up was super simple. Whether you’re an experienced Android user or not, every step of the way is outlined and annotated. The phone is loaded with some bloatware from Sprint as well as some apps from Samsung. The big 3 it includes are Flipboard, Dropbox and Google Wallet. While Flipboard and Google Wallet are available on other devices, Samsung and Dropbox’s current promotion gives any user (not AT&T or Verizon) 50GB for free.

I’ve used a Droid Charge, Samsung Stratosphere, Galaxy S and a Galaxy S II in the past and one of my biggest grips about the device was the overlay of TouchWiz. For whatever reason, on the Galaxy S III, it doesn’t seem so bad. One of the features of TouchWiz is  S Memo and S Voice; S Memo allows you to take notes with on a notepad and S Voice is Samsung’s version of Google Voice Search or Apple’s Siri. You can talk to it by saying “Hi Galaxy” and the computer will talk back to you. The user can ask questions about the weather, time or even trivia.

The phone takes full advantage of its gyroscope and accelerometer. For example, instead of zooming into a photo by pinching, place two fingers on the photo and psychically move the phone towards or away from you to zoom in or out. Or, to move an icon from one page to another, hold down on the icon and tilt the phone to the right or left; the screen behind it will move.

We fully demonstrate the visual and audio capabilities of the phone in the video.


The phone is well built, doesn’t feel cheap and the software is speedy. For the price of $199 on a 2 year contract (or $249 for the 32GB) this is a wonderful deal. The problem, the Sprint version of this phone may have the 4GLTE radios, but until July 15th, no one on Sprint will have 4GLTE, and that’ll only be in 5 markets. I guess that’s better than T-Mobile, they’re not seeing 4GLTE until 2013. Other than that, the phone has a few unique features like S Voice and the Pop-up Camera that are very cool and useful. It’s a great device for a first time Android user as it has all the features of ICS and more. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, no word just yet.

Buy It? Try It? Trash It?

If you’re eligible for an upgrade or moving to Sprint, this is a great choice.


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