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Smarter Stand for iPad Review

Tony Hannides Jul 20, 2012 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating

Usually we don’t get the chance to check out Kickstarter projects until after they’re 100% funded but we’ve got an exclusive look at the new Smarter Stand. The project’s initial goal was set at $10,000 and with less than 30 days, they’ve hit over $100,000. The Smarter Stand was created by Dotan Saguy and his team in Los Angeles and is patent pending. It’s not a completely different iPad case, it’s essentially 2 plastic clips that attach to your existing Smart Cover or Smart Case. The Smart Cover is an ingenius product but it does have a flaw, it’s limited with its current design. Other than covering the iPad screen, it has 2 stand modes: movie mode or keyboard mode. Now there’s nothing wrong with it but if you wanted to prop up your iPad with other angles, the Smarter Stand is for you.

Mind you, even though we looked at the product before retail launch, it wasn’t a finished product. Although it worked out pretty well, the plastic was thin and didn’t seem to slide too well. The PR team knew this and assured us that the production models would be up to par and meet expectations.


Setting Up

Like I said before, the plastic is thin and didn’t slide on too well but we know why that’s the case. Other than that, the setup process was simple. The pack comes with 3 clips and 2 rubber grips. The rubber grip must be placed on the backside of the iPad; this is was prevents the iPad from sliding down once propped up. The grip can be stuck either directly onto the iPad or a back cover like the Aviiq covers. If you’re using a new Smart Case, you can stick the grip right onto the case too.

Then you slide on the 2 plastic clips directly onto the Smart Cover. One other concern I had was when you place the plastic clips onto the Smart Cover, the bottom of the clip is directly touching the iPad’s screen border. Now I’m not sure if the plastic is abrasive enough to cause scratching or not but it was something I noticed. For the time I was reviewing the product, I didn’t see a scratch.

If you look at the Smart Covers, they are broken up into 4 separate pieces. Initially, it was designed as such so you can create the triangle prop. But when one of these Smarter Stand plastic clips hold one of joints in place so it cannot bend, that’s where it’s magic starts to happen. Below are the 3 standard angles one can use with the Smarter Stand.

smarter stand angles

Image Courtesy of Kickstarter and Dotan Saguy

As you can see, depending on which joint is made ridged by the Smarter Stand, you can have a larger or smaller angle. And as I mentioned, the rubber grip is a must, especially for the 45-degree position.


The Smarter Stand comes in different colors and will retail at $20. If you head over to the Kickstarter page now, you can get a white version for only $12. The product works as advertised and really doesn’t add too much bulk to your iPad and cover. If you like your Smart Cover but feel like you want more out of it, here’s the best way to do it. Sure it’s not a need since most of us have been getting along without the Smarter Stand pretty well. But it’s definitely nice to have. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Buy It? Try It? Trash It?

If you want more out of your Smart Cover, get it.

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