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Tamrac Aero 70 Camera Backpack Review

By Tony Hannides On Jan 14, 2013 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating


So you’ve got a DSLR and you need a bag to put it in. Sure, you could just use a regular backpack, tote bag or the free one you get with purchase, but those don’t have enough protection and/or are too clunky. The Tamrac Aero 70 camera backpack is is great solution for one DSLR, a few lens and a small amount of camera accessories.


First of all, the backpack itself is made of durable canvas. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it waterproof but it feels strong enough that it won’t rip easily. Aside from the 2 major pockets, there are 3 pockets without zippers that have a stretchable opening so the contents (like a pen or lens cap) won’t fall out so easily. Like any normal backpack, there’s a single handle at the top that’s reinforced so it won’t rip if you’re holding the bag from it. The two shoulder straps are also reinforced but most importantly, the side facing your body has extra grip with a rubber layer. The top pocket is a small pocket to house a few camera accessories and maybe even a water bottle or small jacket (you might get cold).For my purpose, I was able to fit lens cleaner, a camera strap, q-tips and micro fiber cloth with room to spare.

The main compartment is underneath: this is where you store the camera, a few lens and/or a flash, or whatever else you can fit. Personally, I don’t have many lens to choose from it fit my kit lens, zoom and 50mm. In this pocket, each section has an adjustable wall with Velcro. If you have a smaller or larger camera, it’s fairly simple to remove the wall from the Velcro and re-apply accordingly. One should note, the overall size of the compartments are large enough for a standard zoom lens but anything larger (like an L Series Canon lens) probably won’t fit. At the bottom of the bag, there are two strap slits to secure a tripod or monopod but for whatever reason, this bag doesn’t seem to come with any extra straps.


If you are looking for a simple backpack that doesn’t look like a camera bag, this is it. Just be aware that the pockets are quite small so there’s very little room for extra trinkets, papers and definitely no room for a tablet or laptop. Also, taking the camera in and out of the bag isn’t as easy as I hoped. To safely remove the camera from the backpack you’ll have to completely take off the backpack. While this might not be an issue for some of you, if you needed your camera in a pinch, you’ve wasted those extra 5 seconds you use to take off the backpack. So does this mean there are other backpacks that allow you to remove the camera while the backpack is still secured to your body on one shoulder strap? Yes. Nevertheless, this is a great camera backpack. It’s not too bulky, carries just a few things for an afternoon casual photo shoot and doesn’t bring too much attention to it.

  • Durable
  • Easy to customize camera pocket
  • No extra straps
  • No space for notebook or small tablet/laptop
Model No: 3370
Type: ,
Price: $80
Product Info
Features: – Top pocket for small camera accessories
– Bottom main pocket for DSLR and 2 lens and/or a flash
– Extra pockets for additional accessories
Everything Else
Dimensions: 11 W x 7½ D x 17½ H