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Review of Typi Folio With Keyboard by Ipevo

Tony Hannides Jun 4, 2012 1
5 out of 5 Rating

We’ve tried a few Folio/Keyboard combos for the iPad in the past like the Writer and Writer 2. While I enjoyed my time with all of the folios, the Typi by Ipevo is my favorite to date. Not only does it give the same functionality like the others, its price doesn’t break the bank. I used the product every day for the last week and while I don’t normally use a keyboard on my iPad, this folio made me reconsider.


The folio comes in simple recyclable cardboard packaging. In it, you’ll find the folio, keyboard and hidden in the sides of the packaging, the USB cable to charge your keyboard. There’s not tape to worry about nor the need to bring out your scissors. As I mentioned, the cable is USB so you’ll have to use a USB wall adapter or charge directly with a computer. This takes around an hour or so. As for the actual folio, we got it in black but it comes in 2 colors: Black or Tan. The material is high quality leather so you know if you drop your beloved iPad, it’s protected.

Setting Up

The next step was super simple. You’ll notice a cardboard cutout of where the iPad should go. Naturally, you take out the cardboard from the top flap and then goes in the iPad. If you’re wondering, the cardboard cutout outlines pretty much what I’m describing here.

Once the iPad is secure in its holster, it’s on to the keyboard. As long as the keyboard has been charged, you turn it on via the toggle on the side; it’ll automatically go into Bluetooth pairing mode. On your iPad, search for Bluetooth devices and connect to the keyboard. At this point, let’s take a look at the keyboard itself.

It’s a standard Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard for tablets. In fact, I’ve seen this exact keyboard in more expensive brands before. Other than numbers and letters, you can turn the iPad off and on, go to music, pictures/photos and even launch the browser. Also, it has an area to rest your wrists while you’re typing. But the best part is the keyboard is detectable from the rest of the folio. How? It’s bottom is magnetic; it’s not glued to the folio. So if you wanted to place your iPad on a table and type on your knees, this folio would allow you to do so.

Now the folio can be secured shut with a strap so it won’t randomly open on you. But that strap has another function, its what holds up the iPad to be used as stand. In fact, you’ve got 2 viewing angles to choose from.

The case leaves all the openings available for use. Taking pictures isn’t hindered with any weird cut out borders and plugging in a headset is very simple. Honestly, I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a folio and keyboard for the iPad. Sure it doesn’t look like a Macbook Air but for $79, you’ve got a great case/folio that’ll protect your investment and a great keyboard to type with. Go get one.

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