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Universal USB Power Dock Pro Flex by Bracketron Review

Tony Hannides Apr 21, 2012 1
4.5 out of 5 Rating

I had a chance to try out a brand new accessory from Bracketron. The Universal USB Power Dock Dro Plex is perfect for drivers. Instead of having your phone laying on the passenger seat or gingerly placed in the center console, this allows the driver to charge the phone, face it towards you and be 100% hands free.

The ‘Power Dock’ very very easy to install. There were no tools needed and it even came with a micro USB cable. Of course, if you need another¬†proprietary¬†cable (iDevices), you can use that instead. The dock for the phone is adjustable. The top of the 3 “hooks” can move up and down depending on the size of your phone. I have a Samsung Charge and an HTC ReZound; both at 4.3″ screens. The dock worked fine and was easy to take the phone in and out while still feeling secure.

My first concern was the lighter adapter which plugs into the car’s lighter port. The term “universal” isn’t always the case. I’ve seen universal car chargers for iPhones that don’t fit in every car before. Plus, there seemed to be an extra ring of rubber on the end which led me to believe it wouldn’t fit. On the contrary, the rubber ring stablilized the whole dock. When the phone was placed into it and the car was running, my car would shake and shimmy but the dock did not fall out.

The next test I administered was to see if it got in the way of the wheel or the shifter. In my wife’s truck, the cigarette lighter port is in the dash close to the wheel. In my car, the port is lower.In the truck, I was able to drive and turn the wheel with the phone in the dock, but when I wanted to charge it, that was a different story. The cable stuck out on the left side of the phone and hence, got in the way of turning the phone. If you own a phone that has a charger port on the right, I doubt you’ll have the same issue. In the end, I (rather my wife) was able to arrange the dock in such a way that didn’t get in the way. The flexible arm is very useful and helpful.

In my car, the dock did not get in the way of my shifter or the wheel.

the dock is great and I will continue to use it on a daily basis. You can purchase it on Amazon, at target and their official website for around $35.

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